Web Development

At Alpha Translations we create websites that increase sales and reduce costs. Our custom web design projects emphasize

  • Compelling design that builds your brand.
  • Search engine optimization that increases your online reach.
  • Training to use your website to streamline business processes and reduce costs.

alpha_tr@otenet.gr for a free web assessment if you would like to start building your online presence today.

The websites we develop work great, as well, because our Web development team is the best at what they do. We custom build your website's functionality to your exact specifications. If you have a tight budget, we’ll use our extensive feature library to give you useful functionality at a low price.

We’ll get you great results, too. We’re one of the few Web design companies focused on your business needs. We’ll put together a comprehensive custom Web development strategy and Web marketing plan to achieve your goals.

Your website is a key component of your brand and a reflection of your company. Revitalize your business with a look and feel that you can be proud of.

Search Engine Optimization

Small increases in search engine ranking can have big impact on your bottom line. Your company is sure to benefit from our custom SEO process.

Page Overview

Search Engine Optimization

Many websites have significant problems with indexable content, so double-checking is worthwhile. By using tools like Google's cache, SEO-browser.com, and the MozBar you can see what elements of your content are visible and indexable to the engines. Take a look at Google's text cache of this page you are reading now. See how different it looks?