Network Technical Support

Computer and Network Technical Support & Development of Dynamic Webpages

  • Call support and remote support through team viewer for solving computer-related problems.

Most of the problems are solved in this way without unnecessary onsite visits.

  • Onsite visit of a technician
  • Whenever necessary, a technician can visit your facilities for issues related to computer and network
  • related hardware renewal upgrading and so forth.

More specifically, our services cover:

  • Computer and network support, servers, server applications και virtualization
  • Support of Internet devices (routers, switches, firewalls) and Internet access.
  • Software and hardware installations
  • Computer upgrading
  • Antivirus control
  • Configuration
  • Networks

Competitive prices either for a lumpsum mutually agreed or by way of technical support contract.

Given as a guide, the monthly fees for technical support of computers and networks for small and medium enterprises ranges from 100 to 300 Euros depending on the size of equipment and for the webpages development fees start from 150 Euros.

Page Overview

  • Our office also undertakes at competitive prices:
  • Installation of cables for computers and networks
  • Installation of wired and wireless computer networks
  • Servers virtualization
  • Cloud computing
  • Installation of Internet, extranets, VPNS
  • Computer network safety services
  • Maintenance of facilities